Welcome to my official PhD research website. I will be keeping this website up-to-date with findings from my own research, discussion of other research in related areas, as well as posting on news articles and current affairs that relate to my work.

My research interests center around the rather abstract concept of privacy. I am interested in how peoples behaviours are affected by privacy, and how those behaviours can be better understood. More specifically, I am interested in how privacy impacts decision-making around healthcare data disclosure.

Are you collecting health cues such as heart rate or diet diaries? How do you decide how that data will be shared?

Does you local GP or hospital store your personally identifiable medical records in an electronic format? How would you weigh up the costs verses the benefits of sharing that data for advances in medical research, and how could technology help you make the decision that’s right for you?

These are the types of questions that I am looking at in my research.