My colleague Luiza Jarovsky, a Lawyer and PhD fellow just posted about a training event we both attended last week, and I have copied what she wrote below:

Last week, on June 18th-21st, there was the Privacy&Us training event in London, hosted and organized by UCL, one of the partners of the consortium. We - PhD fellows - had courses and interdisciplinary trainings and presented our research.

Mark Warner, my very creative colleague and one of the PhD fellows, prepared sketchnotes of the presentations of all 13 PhD fellows - I am attaching them below. I leave you with the challenge: all research projects have topics within the area of privacy & usability; can you guess the topic and the argument of each of the 13 presentations?

To learn more about Privacy&Us: To learn more about Mark's work, follow his website Privacurity and his Twitter.


Luiza Jarovsky

Lawyer and PhD Fellow Researching Data Privacy