I am a PhD canditate at the Institute of Digital Health within UCL’s Interaction Centre. I use a mixture of research methods to understand the online social behaviours of users. I am especially interested in how people managing their individual privacy and personal data disclosures, and how these behaviours are used in relation to impression management.

In my current research I am interested in what motivates people to share their health data in online social networks, and how people manage their digital health privacy. My research is situated within the context of HIV where I am exploring the disclosure decision-making behaviours of gay and bisexual men in online sex-social apps like Grindr.

My research is funded by Privacy&Us, EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks.

More Information

In addition to my research interests, I am generally interested in technology as well as social psychology, running, travel, and archery. Prior to starting my PhD research, I worked for 5 years in Abu Dhabi (UAE) as a digital policing foreign advisor to the Ministry of Interior (MOI). I helped develop an advanced laboratory for acquiring and analysing data from mobile phones and other embedded systems. I have travelled to many places in the world, and will travel to many more.

I love cats.

Contact me

mark(dot)warner(at)ucl.ac.uk Twitter: @privacurity